Board of Directors

Members of the board are elected for two-year terms and may be re-elected for 4 consecutive terms, or 8 years maximum.  The dates in ( ) below indicate the year each board member's current term expires.  



  Bob  Lumley-Sapanski, President (2022)

  Starla Dietrich, Secretary  (2020) 

  Sara Dowhower, Treasurer (2020)




  Frank Ahern (2021)

  Carmen Frost (2021)


  Norma Keller (2020)

  Jennifer Blackburn Miller (2022)

  M. Nadhir Ibn Muntaka (2020)


  Esther Obonyo (2021)

  Denice Rodaniche (2021)


  Helen Sheehy (2020)

  Stephen Woods (2022)

Associate Board Members


  Darlene Clarke (2020)

  Eva Letwin

  Jennifer Mastrofski (2020)

  Shumaila Memon (2021) 

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