• Helen Sheehy

75th Anniversary Celebration

Please join us as we commemorate the 75th anniversary of the United Nations and celebrate its past accomplishments, discuss its present initiatives, and look ahead to a vibrant future.

Our program is available at the UNA-Centre County website

  • Introductory Remarks: Robert Lumley-Sapanski, Chapter President:

  • Videos: 75 years of UNA – USA and United Nations

  • UN DAY Proclamation: Michael Pipe, Centre County Commissioner: Proclamation UN Day

  • Greeting and comments on global health challenges especially in Covid-19 time: Brian Massa, United Nations Foundation: Speaks about Shot@Life, their program to get children life saving vaccines.

  • H.E. Ambassador Prof Judi Wakhungu: “The United Nations at 75: Reflecting on our Global Commitment to Multilateralism.”

  • 2020 Make-a-Difference Project: Shot@Life

  • Closing Comments: Bob Lumley Sapanski

· Celebration Song by the Playing for Change Foundation Children

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